5 Things Every Beginner Painter Must Know

5 Things Every Beginner Painter Must Know

Posted by on Dec 23, 2015 in Art, Painters |

Even though some artists believe they don’t need any help or tips, just like with many other things: if you want to progress you will have to learn and grow. This too can be applied to art. Especially if you’re a beginner painter, there are certain things that you should know and learn before you start developing as an artist. Here are five very useful pieces of information that will come in handy to you if you’re an aspiring painter.

1. Learn As Much As You Can As someone who has once aspired to be a painter themselves, and now is a successful artist, I can definitely tell you that learning as much as you can and whenever you can, will have a positive effect on your art. In addition to that, there is no restriction to what you should learn. There are numerous things to learn as a beginner painter: from the technique you will use, to the materials you will use, as well as how to interact with people and how to make important people notice your art. All of these things require you to be able to learn and to be willing to learn.

2. Give It All You’ve Got
If you want to become a successful painter you have to remember to give it all you’ve got. In other words, I would advise you to put in all your effort, all your enthusiasm, and everything you have to say into this piece of art. Dedicate your time to developing it, because good things that can happen to you over night, and do not come to you without a sacrifice. If you want to create a quality piece of for it you will have to put in effort into making it. This is precisely why you have to be present when you’re making a piece of for art and give your best when creating it.painting-process

3. Express Yourself
Art exists for a purpose, and that purpose is to express yourself as an artist, create a piece of art that will carry your expression, your thoughts and your emotion, to the person who is viewing you are piece of art. If you want to be a successful painter someday, make sure that you know how to express yourself. I would also like to encourage you to experiment with different forms of expression, because it’s only in this way that you will find the form of expression that resonates with you.

6980831-mood-paint-brush4. Don’t Get Discouraged
It happens very often that people are there to judge your art do not think the world of it. Perhaps, they are even unable to see the things you have meant for them to see. Sometimes the criticism can be really harsh and difficult to handle. It’s important to remember that each artist goes through a phase where they even start questioning themselves whether their art is relevant, or important, or beautiful. Make sure that you don’t get discouraged, especially if it’s an opinion of just one person.

5. Connect With People If you want to be a successful painter, make sure that you meet a lot of people who are either painters or working with painters, or are they are working in art galleries, or they are art critics. Be as it may, it’s really important that you make the right connections and connect with right people if you want your art to be noticed.