5 Reasons Why Art Is Important

5 Reasons Why Art Is Important

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in Art |

Personally, I believe there are numerous reasons why art is important. Moreover, people have been creating art for a long period of time, and art is undoubtedly a part of all of us. In addition to that, art has numerous benefits both for individuals, as well as for entire societies. If you want to learn more about art, as well as the importance of art, make sure that you read the following five reasons that will definitely make you understand the importance of art.creative-rut-blog-post-picture-v2

1. Expressing Creativity
One of the main uses of art is definitely the expression of creativity. Art is frequently used by even small children, as a medium to express their creativity. In addition to that, humans have used art for thousands of years as a way to express their creativity, share knowledge and leave a legacy. There are numerous reasons why art is important, however expressing creativity is not just one reason more why art it is important. I’d say that art is only a byproduct of our innate need to express ourselves, and that the true reason why art is important. Because it’s a way in which we can express our beings to others.

2. Telling A Story In addition to that, art is also important because it’s a medium used to tell a story. People have been using both visual art as well as other types of art, for centuries as a way to tell a story and pass on a legacy. When it comes to modern art, it doesn’t tell merely a story, but it tells the story that everyone can relate to. Modern art usually conveys stories that can be interpreted by each individual in their own individual way. This is precisely the reason why modern art is so easy and difficult to relate to at the same time.

3. Aesthetic Appeal
Another reason why art is important is because it has aesthetic appeal to it. In other words, people simply enjoy receiving a certain message whether it is visual, or a textual. Not only that art appeals to us aesthetically but it also boasts our imagination, and reveals worlds that are unfamiliar to us. Just like you have had the urge to stop and admire a beautiful flower, or a beautiful day, that help people stop, admire and appreciate art – just because of the aesthetic appeal that it has.

focus4. Focus And Analyze
In addition to all that, art also makes us focused. Once you stop to investigate a piece of art you are also focusing on it and you are analyzing it. These skills are particularly useful in the real world when it comes to our problems. Each time you analyze a piece of art you may discover something new, and this allows you to approach your personal problems and issues in everyday life from a new way.

5. Catharsis
Not only that art is used as a medium to express your emotions as an artist, but these emotions also reach people who are on the other end of your art and they too go through emotional processes that cleared them from the negative emotions, or release their anxiety through laughter. This is precisely why art is an irreplaceable form of expression in the human world.